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"I don't really know if it can get any better. It is just perfect."

Mohit sharma

“My experience working with Digital Dukaandaar has been amazing. Mindset changed regarding branding and product research. It has been a huge change in my journey. Love the interactions with the team. Having someone experienced to answer my questions is amazing & helps alot. I don’t really know if it can get any better. It is just perfect.”

"We really need people like you to lift this entire ecosystem."


“The value Digital Dukaandaar gives is not available anywhere else for Indian POD and Drop-Shipping market. I am connected with most of Indian & Global POD /Dropshipping forums, blogs, FB groups etc. People only share screenshots of their sales and some of them share a few common ideas, not the exact hardship points of Indian POD and dropshipping. We really need people like you to lift this entire ecosystem. Cheers!”

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